HTML Description

Hypertext Markup Language


HTML is an ASCII language that consists of simple embeded commands that specify how a document is to be displayed. The original intent of html (and still is) was to have a language that could easily reference any other document in the world, but be computer independent. Most of the formatting of an HTML document is done by the HTML Browser, so that the actual HTML document is usually small, and fairly simple.


The HTML language consists of start and end tags, such as <bold> text to be displayed bolded </bold>. The html tags can easily be view by selecting View Source in the browser. Here are some example (examine with View Source):
  • This is an item is a list
  • An image reference
  • A hypertext link to this page

HTML Editors

Although HTML documents can be created with any standard text editor, it is much easier to use a dedicated HTML editor.

I used HotMetal to create these HTML pages.

Map Editors

Graphic images can also be mapped to hyperlinks. An excellent freeware program that makes this easy is MapThis.

Virtual Reality Modelling Language (VRML)


VRML allows the view to manipulate in real time 3D objects that can have hypertext links. This requires a netscape Plugin