Netscape Use

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Menu Items


Open a URL.
  • Open File: This allows you to open an HTML file that is stored on you PC. Hence, you can build HTML files and view them without an HTTP server.


View Document
  • Document Source: Allows view of the HTML code.
  • Document Info: One way to grab document graphics, including the background graphics.


Similar to Back and Forward buttons, but allows random access to any previously visted site in current session. Often faster than hitting the Back ten times.


Allows storing of URL's that are currently active, their retrieval, and the maintence of the bookmark file. Note, the bookmark file is itself an html file. It can also be view by any html browser. The file is typically located in the directory with the netscape program.
  • Add Bookmark: Adds the URL of the current document to the bottom of the bookmarks file.
  • Go To Bookmarks: Invokes the bookmark editor. In this window you can order your bookmarks as well as create hierarchies. Select Insert Folder under the Menu Items to create sub folders. Bookmars can be dragged into folders.
  • Single click a bookmark to jump to that site.


Netscape Options
  • General Preferences:
    • Appearance: You can specify a URL that is loaded when Nescape is started.
    • Apps: Specify Telnet Application.
    • Helpers: Modify MIME types.
  • Mail and News Preferences:
    • Servers: Specify the Mail and News servers.


Nescape Help
  • Handbook: A complete help reference to Navigator. You must be connected to the Internet to access this information.


This shows the current URL displayed. The location can be edited with the mouse, along with Control-C (cut) and Control-V (paste). Once finished editing the location, hit return to goto that URL.

If the file the URL specifies is cut out, often you will get a listing of files in the specified directory, provided the HTTP server permits directory browsing.

Right Mouse Button

The right mouse button allows you to copy URLs, which can then be pasted to Location or some other application. The URL can also be added to the list of bookmarks. When the right mouse button is activated when the pointer is on a graphic, the graphic can be grabed, and saved locally.

Button Tool Bar


Netscape's Navigator Help (see Help above)

Net Search

Jump point to search engines maintained by Netscape. These search engines can be accessed directly as well (sometimes faster).


Jump site of search engines that allow you to lookup a persons home address or email address.


Netscape's software pages. You can update to the latest release of Navigator or access the latest plug-ins.