Partial list of current and past projects

A large Simons Foundation Collaborative project on Computational Biogeochemical Modeling of Marine Ecosystems

MEP-Geobio Project
This project examines the application of thermodynamic theory for predicting microbial biogeochemistry over space and time.
MEP Darwin Project
MEP Darwin Project
This NSF funded project examines the spatiotemporal distribution of metabolic function in the global ocean

Development of FVCOM for the Plum Island Ecosystems LTER project (PIE-LTER).
Microbial Connectivity Project
MC Project
This NSF funded project examines the connectivity of microbial food webs using thermodynamic models, stable isotope probing and genomics

Data assimilation Data Assimilation
Examines how data assimilation techniques are used to improve model performance or to estimate processes not directly measured (i.e., inverse techniques).
Instantaneous VS average entropy production
ATB Project
This NSF project under the Advancing Theory and Biology (ATB) program examine how how microbial communities adapt to cyclic energy inputs.

Algae to methane project A2M
Conversion of algae to methane via methanogenic microbial community.