Sending messages and files to other users over the net.


SMTP: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. SMTP is the protocol used by mail servers on the Internet to forward mail to the recipient.

POP3: Post Office Protocol. POP3 is the protocol used to retrieve (download) mail from a SMTP server to a computer (typically a PC) that is not permanently connected to the net.

At Ecosystems, lupine.mbl.edu is both the SMTP and POP3 server.


Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions. Originally, only text (ASCII) files could be sent via email. Now, MIME allows binary files and multiple files to be sent via email. It is not the only way, but is probably the preferred method (over BinHex, or uuencode). MIME is also used by WWW Browsers.



Example: mailto:jvallino@mbl.edu

POP3 Clients

  • Pegasus: a good freeware email program.
  • Eudora: both freeware and commercial versions available.
  • Also, most WWW browsers have POP3 mail clients built in.