Test Simulations 2: Channel Bathymetry

This simulation is similar to Test 1, but with a more realistic bathymetry is used.


Same bounding geometry as Test 1, but with two deep channels. The main channel is 5.5 m deep at the mouth, and decrease in a quadratic manner to 1 m at the freshwater input. A 1 m deep "mud flat" is included. Discharge is constant at 40 m3/s (0.1 m2/s, 400 m across). The minor channel has a depth of 5.0 m at the mouth, and decreases to 0 (no associated freshwater input).

Surface Elevation

This simulation (click image, 0.75 MB) shows how the water surface elevation changes over two tidal cycles when forced with a 3 m tide (1 m above marsh, 2 m below marsh surface). Single freshwater input of 40 m3/s at top of image.


This simulation (click image, 0.33 MB) shows the 2D discharge (m2/s) for the same drivers described above.


 Also see Simulated Drogue Releases