Plum Island Estuary Model


Below are some preliminary model runs using the geometry for Plum Island Estuary and FEMLAB. Note, model was run with an simulated bathymetry/topography.

The mesh below consists of 85228 triangular elements with 43865 nodes. This level of meshing is necessary to resolve the tidal creeks and rivers that are fundamental modes of transport in estuaries. The resolution of the mesh is high near creek/river banks, and low on the marsh platform.

The simulated bathymetry and marsh topography, shown below, was constructed from orthophotographs, limited GPS kinematic surveys, NOAA maps and limited soundings. We are currently collecting data to improve the accuracy of this surface. PIE Bathymetry


Below is the flow field during the start of a ebb tide.

Flow (m/s)

Click on the image below to see a simulation of marsh flooding and wetting (MPEG 0.7 MB)

PIE Tidal Movie